Alala's clothes mostly consist of green and yellow colors. She usually wears her green dress.

Villain Clothing

Even though Alala is a villain, her clothing doesn't look like what a normal villain would wear. Alala's villain outifit is a short strapless green dressn(Resembling Tinkerbell's iconic outifit), with diagonal ends like sharp flower petals, white tights that come above her knees, and green shoes. She also wears green bracelets with fairy-like wings on her arms and on her legs. She wears a bow-like collar with a bell (Similar to the collars from Tokyo Mew Mew)non her neck.mShe carries her microphone (Also looks like the wand from Cardcaptor Sakura) with her when she wears her normal/villain clothing.

Human Clothing


  • Basic Outfit
  • Line: Basic 
  • Episode Worn: Pure 26

Alala looks adorable in this sweet yellow dress number. Alala's hair is more darker than usual and her skin has gotten more pale. She is wearing one layer of mascara and red cheek blush. The top of the dress is covered wih orange ruffles. The top of the bodice is cut in a triangluar shape and the rest of it is yellow with two structured black lines going down. For accessories, Alala's wears a fuschia pink hat with yellow lining. There is an extra layer to the hat which is just orange fabric with yellow frills attached to the top of the fuschia fabric. A lemon yellow bow is also attached to the hat. Alala also wears big yellow star shaped earrings.

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