Candy Surprise is a medium sized plastic pink egg that is covered with blue plastic around it. The blue plastic has pictures on the left of Rina in her mermaid form, Coco, Sara, Karen, Noel and Lucia in the middle, and on the right Lucia in her mermaid form. Inside, you can get a mini photo album. Some of the designs include: Purple Background; Super Idol Coco, Red Background; Super Idol Karen, Blue Background; Super Idol Sara, Yellow Background; Mermaid Rina.

Tattoos that can easily be applied onto the skin were also inside the pink egg. Some designs include: the mermaids together, Super Idol Goup, Logo of Mermaid Melody (but written in Serbian), Super Idol Rina, Season 1 Villains (Eriru, Izuru, Yuri, Maria). The hologram sticker came in different designs such as: Idol Rina, Idol Lucia, Idol Sara, Mermaid Group, Mermaid Karen and Lucia Transforming into a mermaid.

The tazoo (small plastic card) could come in: Idol Rina (yellow), Idol Sara (blue), Idol Karen (red), Idol Coco (purple), and Idol Lucia (green).

The gold mini charms that you get to attach too the necklace come in many various shapes including: anchor, shark, octopus, dolphin, sea turtle, star fish, sea horse, boat, and  hat. The necklace is a black color.

Later on the contents changed and if you purchased the "Boomerang Magazine" with the Candy Surprise Egg (as a free gift), there would be: a notebook, a sticker packet, a necklace and two charms instead of the usual one.

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