Princess Lucia

Lucia at the Coming of Age Ceremony

The Coming of Age Ceremony is a traditional Mermaid ceremony held for a Mermaid Princess at the age of 13. The only exception is Lucia Nanami, Mermaid Princess of the North Pacific Ocean for she did not have her Pearl at the time. It makes them "Open to Love" according to Hanon Hôshô, Princess of the South Atlantic Ocean. During the ceremony, they talk with Aqua Regina, the Sea Goddess, about their innermost feelings.


When this ceremony comes, in every mermaid kingdom, the resident of the kingdom must make some preparetions. The whole kingdom must be decorated and all the mermaids must wear nice clothes. However the mermaid princess must wear the best clothes so that all the mermaids that attempt the ceremony can recognise her title as a the kingdom's princess. Also the pearl of the mermaid princess is very important for the ceremony, because without it the princess cannot talk to Aqua Regina.

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