Dark Lovers

General Information

Leader:  Gaito
Members: Izuru, Eril, Yuri, Maria
Relative Groups: Black Beauty Sisters
Serve Gaito
Win the heart of Gaito
Catch the Mermaid Princesses (former)

The Dark Lovers (ダーク・ラバーズ Dāku Rabāzu) is a group of water demons, with no offical leader of the group. They protect and serve Gaito.


They were all created by Gaito. They were ordered to capture the mermaid princesses, failing every time. The only mermaids that were captured was Coco, while Yuri and Gaito captured Noel when she protected Rina.

They also compete with each other for their master's affections. The closest being Maria. At the end of season 1, they gave up their physical form to assist Gaito in fighting the mermaids. They are later seen in their original form in the throne room with Gaito and Sara, when the castle sinks to the bottom of the sea/ocean. At the end of season 2, they are seen with the whole cast of both seasons, singing. It is unknown if the whole thing was just a play or not.


Maria - The most energetic of the group, she has the power to make or manipulate ice and snow.

Yuri - The youngest-looking and most childish of the group. She has the ability to control people, especially with the use of her French horn. Although Yūri is loyal to Gaito, his continued treatment of her as a child leads her to a star-crossed relationship with Hippo, i.e. his human form.

Izuru - The most mature of the group and has the power to control waves and marine beasts and has the ability to create dragons from water.

Eriru - The meanest out of the Dark Lovers. She has a calm demeanor and tends to give cold smiles to everyone.