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"Encore wa ika ga?" (アンコールはいかが?, Ankōru wa ika ga?) is a phrase the mermaids usually say at the end of a performance (after "Love Shower Pitch!"). It means "Do you want an encore?". Most of the time, however, the enemies don't want to hear more, and respond by teleporting away from the mermaid princesses.

Other Circumstances

However, when Hanon, Rina, and Lucia sing in public (Episode 38) they don't normally say the phrase; the audience just shouts "Encore! Encore! Encore!" and they sing another song to please them.

Phrase in other languages

Language Phrase Translation
Taiwanese Mandarin "要不要來首安可曲?" "Would you like an encore?"
Cantonese Chinese "想唔想encore啊?" "Do you want an encore?"
Spanish "¿Quieres oirla otra vez?" "Do you want to hear it again?"
Portuguese "Queres ouvi-la outra vez?" "Do you want to hear it again?"
French "Ça vous a plu? On y retourne?" "You liked it? Let's go again?"
Greek "Θέλεις να ακούσεις κι άλλο?"
Théleis na akoúseis ki állo?
"Wanna hear more?"
Hebrew "?מה דעתכן על הדרן" "What do you think about an encore?"
Italian "Se volete, vi concediamo il bis!" "If you want, we'll give you an encore!"
Serbian "Šta kažete na bis?" "How about an encore?"



Encore wa ikaga♪