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The Pearl Tear (真珠の涙 Shinju no Namida) is the first episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Lucia sets out to land to find the boy she saved from a tsunami seven years ago. However, it is not as easy as she thought.


Lucia Nanami, the mermaid princess of the North Pacific ocean is about to set out to land but some mermaids from her kingdom tried to convince her to stay. However, Lucia had already decide what she wanted and the girls tell Hippo to go with her and his Pearl Radar.

After few hours of swimming to the surface with Hippo, they made it and Lucia transforms into a human and is about to start her first day in the human world. They glance straight through, at the white sun.

Madame Taki is looking through her crystal ball with Nikora. Taki's crystal ball detects that a missing pearl will come back. The crystal ball suddenly shows Lucia peering into it, then Nikora opens the door and sees Lucia standing there. Nikora is seen in Taki's ball, however it is now known that the crystal ball was a security monitor as Nikora exclaims this.

Nikora closes the door and tells Lucia how to call her, Hippo, and Madame Taki in the human world. She gives Lucia some chores to do in the Pearl Piari. Lucia fails and ends up becoming tired, Nikora tells her to take a break and she did a nice job.

Lucia has a bath with her bubble maker toy as Hippo suddenly rushes into the room. Lucia gets mad but Hippo only came to alert her of the pearl. Lucia starts singing an apology song but does not end up good. Hippo started discussing about the importance of the pearl while Lucia falls asleep in the bath.

Lucia is in her bed thinking if this boy she saved from a tsunami still has the pearl and starts thinking of how she met him.

The next day, she went for a walk in the sea near the hotel and sees a boy surfing. Later, when this boy gets on the sand, they start staring at one another and Lucia asked him if she has met him before, then Kaito tries to ask her if she wants to see him on the surfing competition he will take part. Lucia runs away and they both think that they can't be the ones who they were searching for.

The next day on school, Lucia tries to see the class she is in and meets Kaito. She is eventually one of his classmates. In the homeroom, Lucia and Kaito are discussing for his Sunday surfing competition. Then a girl with blue hair named "Hanon" asks her if she wants to be friends with her and starts helping Lucia get closer to Kaito. They go shopping after school and had some fun. At the end, they were checking out some pendants but Hippo appears, telling Lucia that she has to go to the hotel to help out her sister. She leaves eventually.

In the hotel, Lucia tells Hippo she will go see the surfing competition but Hippo tries to tell her not to go, as the ocean water might make her transform in public. Eventually, she, Hanon and Hippo went there to support Kaito for the competition, while Hippo went searching for Lucia's pearl. Two boys tried askking them out, but Kaito appears and helped protect the two of them. Kaito's about to start surfing with his pendant with Lucia's pearl. A dark figure appears underneath the water. Kaito surfs so well that Lucia was surprised. An unexpected wave and a bad weather appears, the waves dragged Kaito underneath the waters. However, a water demon catches him. Everyone leaves the beach and the Pearl Radar detects two pearl reactions.

Lucia eventually jumps into the sea to find Kaito and when she does, she found out that he was the boy she saved seven years ago. The water demon introduces herself as Izuru, and summons a water dragon to attack the mermaid princess. Kaito momentarily opens his eyes, and recognized that she was the mermaid who saved him. He tosses Lucia's pearl back to her, and she transforms into an idol. She sang Legend of Mermaid, causing pain to Izuru, who lets go of Kaito.

Later, back on the beach, Kaito wakes up and sees mermaid Lucia. He thanks her for saving him again, but she replies that it was he who saved her this time and hugs him. Meanwhile, Hippo finds a second pearl reaction on his Radar and Hanon reveals to Hippo that she is the Mermaid Princess of the Aqua Pearl. They start discussing how dangerous it is if Lucia confesses to a human.





Language Title Translation
Korean 진주의 눈물
Jinjuui nunmul
Chinese (Cantonese) 珍珠之淚
Zan1 Zyu1 Zi1 Leoi6
Tears of the Pearl
Chinese (Taiwanese) 真珠的眼淚
Zhēn Zhū De Yǎn Lèi
Tears of the Pearl
Hebrew דמעות הפנינה
Greek Τα δάκρυα του μαργαριταριού
Ta dakria tou margaritariou
Tears of Pearl
Serbian Сузе једног бисера
Suze jednog bisera
Tears of a pearl
Italian Una sirena fra noi A Mermaid among us
Albanian Një sirenë mes nesh A Mermaid among us
French Les larmes de la perle The Tears of the Pearl
Spanish Las lágrimas de la perla The Tears of the Pearl

Episode Songs

Timestamp Song Title Character(s) Singing Notes
Taiyō no Rakuen ~Promised Land~
Koi wa Nandarou
Lucia Nanami
Performed badly because of missing pearl
Legend of Mermaid
Lucia Nanami
First Appearance
Daiji na Takarabako