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Frozen Feelings (凍った気持 Kootta Kimochi) is the eighth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Lucia sets out to make a bento for Kaito, in high hopes that it will encourage him enough to help him win his next surfing competition. However, complications arise as the West Japan's surfing champion shows up in town.


Lucia ask Kaito if he will eat Luchia's bento in the coming surfing competition. Kaito agrees but only if he wins. Kaito's friends talks about the West champion, Sakiya joining the upcoming competition. Seeing he can do a hard trick, Kaito practices. Lucia and Hanon met Sakiya on the way shopping. Lucia ask for advice of the food since he's a surfer like Kaito. Sakiya mistakenly thinking that the bento was for him, awaits for it. Later that night, Hanon and Rina help Lucia making the bento. The news of the surfing competition is known by Maria. Gaito trusts Maria and sends her.

At the surfing competition, Sakiya eat the bento Lucia made for Kaito. Coincidentally, Kaito sees them and walks away. As the competition starts, Maria starting having some fun by momentarily freezing the surfer's feet and the waves causing them to fall. As Kaito heads makes his turn, he made a gesture that tells Lucia that's he's fine. Seeing the strange freezing of the water, Lucia, Hanon and Rina head out. After Maria flees from being defeated, it was announced that Kaito won the championship. After the competition, Lucia goes to Kaito and gives him the bento.



Language Title Translation
Greek Παγωμένα συναισθήματα
Pagomena synaisthimata
Frozen Feelings
Serbian Замрзнута осећања
Zamrznuta Osećanja
Frozen Feelings
Italian I due campioni The two champions
French Le championnat de surf The Surfing Championship
Spanish Sentimientos congelados Frozen Feelings
Portuguese Sentimentos congelados Frozen Feelings


  • The choreography of Legend of Mermaid in this episode recycles footage from episodes 4 and 6.
  • In the Portuguese dub the title is read by Kaito instead of Lucia.