Episode 28
Air Date October 11, 2003
Episode No. 28
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The Heart That Believes A Masked Confession

Bonds is the twenty eighth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Lucia, Hanon, and Rina in a quest to save Karen, are lured into a trap set by the Black Beauty Sisters. Aqua Regina gives the trio a new song.


The mermaid princess search for Karen all moring in the sea but couldn't find her location. Lucia  and Hanon were able to convince Rina to rest first at their rooms before searching in the sea again. Somewhere in the sea the Black beauty sisters kept Karen at a coral reef to capture the three mermaid princess and start to begin their plans to capture them. In their rooms, Lucia woke up from her dream on what had happen to Karen. She then heard Aqua Regina's voice to use the mermaid cards to find Karen. Lucia, Hanon, and Rina found out that Karen is still near and set off to rescue her. Lucia came to Kaito on the beach thinking that Kaito understands her but actually he gave her a samwhich thinking she was hungry. Lucia then ran after hinting that she'll be going. Kaito notices tears and while he was surfing, he fell into the water and saw Lucia in her mermaid form. Being happy for a second that he get to see her again, he askes why this time they met that she has a sad face. Lucia swim to him and said her goodbye to Katio and kissed him before swimming away to find Karen. The three mermaid princess swim deep to where the coral reef is. There found Gaito's castle and enter it. Sinice Noel and Karen are both held prinsoners, the three princesses decide to be careful and enter a room. There was a bright light shining at the princesses. After the light is gone, Lucia, Hanon, and Rina are suprise to find themselves in dresses. While Rina went on ahead to find Karen and Noel, Lucia and Hanon were caught by tentecle-like arms and the doors which Rina went close behind her causing Rina to fail to notice what had happen and continue her search. Back in the hotel where the girls were hanging out, Hippo continue to worry about Lucia until a doorbell rang revealing it was Kaito. Back at the castle, Rina found Noel and Karen dancing with Gaito in the ballroom. Both Karen and Noel are in dresses, they were happy to be with Gaito, and were saying that they love to be here and it was all thanks to Rina. Rina demands Gaito to turn them back to their normal selves. Noel and Karen told the Gaito should dances with Rina and to her horrors Gaito is waiting for Rina to take his hand. Back at the hotel, Kaito unknowingly summon Aqua Regina when her flip one of the mermaid cards that has Aqua Regina on it. Back at the castle, Lucia and Hanon are free, and both were changed back to their regalur mermaid outfits. Rina was then hypnotize to take Gaito's hand until Aqua Regina told her to wake up. Aqua Regina's light made Rina's dress disappear and the illusion Gaito gone. However Karen and Noel were blinded by the light and could'nt move. The sea goddess told Rina that they are not the real Karen and Noel because she sense dark energy from them.They were reveal to be the black beauty sisters. Aqua Regina gave the princesses a new song and fades away. As the mermaid princesses sang their song, Karen was free form the black beauty sisters and the sisters retreated. The castle turns to be an illusion also and disapear. The three princesses return Karen her purple pearl and Karen realize that Rina did not abandon Noel and that she (Karen) was mistaken. Lucia then friendly asked if Karen will join in their group but Karen still wanted to search for Noel herself and swam away. Back at the hotel Katio heard Lucia's song that she would sing in only her mermaid form. Kaito followed the singing to the shore of the beach but did not see his mermaid. Lucia then walks up to Kaito saying that she returned. To her surprise Kaito suddenly hugs her and call her an idiot for making him worry which Lucia happily accept.


  • First time the mermaid princesses sing Kizuna.
  • First time the fans get to see Rina's and Hanon's dresses.
  • Lucia, Hanon, and Rina have their Idol Form Outfits upgraded in this episode.