Beloved Baby
Bevolved Baby
Air Date December 6, 2003
Episode No. 36
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"Beloved Baby" "Itoshi no Bebī"  (愛のベビー) is the 36th episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Lucia and Hanon find a lost baby and decide to take it in. However, this baby seems to have a bias for Lucia.


The episode begins with Lucia doing chores while Hanon is just lazily lying around. While they were chatting, a random baby crawls out of the bush crying. Lucia,Hanon and Rina takes the baby inside and tries to figure out who is the baby's parents.Lucia compliments about how cute the baby is, and the baby wakes up.Hanon tries to hold the baby but instead the baby wets her diaper when she was held by Hanon. Hanon was freaked out and they changed the baby's diaper.The baby seemed to have an appeal to Lucia,the others want to stay and help take care of the baby as well,but they were busy and left Lucia to take care of the baby by herself.

Later, Lucia takes the baby out by the beach and explains to her that she has friends in the ocean and will one day return to her home. Coincidentally, Kaito was walking by and starts talking to Lucia. The baby becomes quite jealous and starts crying. Lucia panicked and asked Kaito to help her make milk for the baby and Kaito also freaked out. At Pearl Piari, Lucia is feeding the baby with milk from a bottle. Lucia started talking with Kaito about babies and Lucia says "I want to have Kaito's baby!". Kaito spits out the juice he was drinking because of Lucia's comment, Lucia asks him what was wrong and Kaito awkwardly told her to not say things like that to guys. The baby had fallen asleep so Kaito and Lucia had rested as well along with Hippo. The baby later wakes up and finds all of them asleep and gets angry because Lucia was spending too much time with Kaito. She gets fed up and tries to go back home, but unfortunatly gets stuck in the sand. The Dark Lovers were also nearby and notices the baby stuck in the sand.


  • This is where the show introduce Coral Spirits that protect Lucia's country.
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