Swaying Thoughts
Episode 3
Air Date April 19, 2003
Episode No. 3
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Swaying Thoughts is the third episode of Mermaid Melody.


Hanon finds out that the handsome man she met at the festival is her new music teacher Tarou Mitsuki. A new girl arrives at Lucia's class.


The episode begins with Lucia cleaning outside the hotel. She is also singing as Hanon comes along in a lorry. Hanon came early in the morning so she could tell Lucia that she will be living with her from now on.

In the next scene, Taki and Nikora talk to Lucia about Hanon's company with her. Taki is fortune telling with some of the resturants straws and tells everyone that the lucky colour of the day is green,when she throws the straws in the air. Nikora gets slightly annoyed and she bends over to pick the straws up. Hanon warns Lucia about the possibility of her turning into bubbles. Later on, Hippo is shown to be standing next to Hanon's luggage. He sees a package covered in a bow. He asks Hanon 'what is it'. Hanon unties the bow and shows him and Lucia; Purachan. Lucia gushes and says her animal is cute.

Hanon and Lucia are seen walking to school together in the next scene. Hanon thanks Lucia for helping her with the move. A stranger starts to talk to them. Hanon notices that he is the same guy that she bumped into in the spring festival. Lucia is curious as Hanon and the stranger start talking to each other. They both find out that he is the school's music teacher.



Opening: Taiyō No Rakuen Ending:Daiji na Takarabako



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