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An Epic New Year's First Dream Battle
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Air Date January 2, 2004
Episode No. 40
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An Epic New Year’s First Dream Battle (初夢大作戦 Hatsuyume Daisakusen) is the fortieth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Lucia, Hanon and Rina are having a new year's first dream of becoming super stars. It is not going as Lucia expected. They all wake up being happy this was just a dream.


Hanon brags about the "New Years First Dream" and how her first dream will be about Tarou since she has a collection of Tarou themed items. Soon all 3 princess's begin to dream. Hanon dreams about being on a beachside date with Tarou, Rina dreams about winning a plasma TV in the morning and Lucia dreams about being with Kaito and him trying to say how he has worked out who Lucia is.

Morning dawns and the princess's are having breakfast when the doorbell rings. A Mr, Wantanabe is looking for 3 idols and at first Rina is skeptical though Hanon is excited.

Soon all 3 become super stars. They go in a studio to record Splash Dream and several other songs. But the fame soon starts to take a toll on Lucia. She becomes sad that she can't see Kaito and Rina comments on how she could buy 12 TV's but has no time to watch anything.

All 3 are now part of a movie and Kaito tries to break onto set but is thwarted twice. Lucia then meets Kaito (both in disguise) in a tunnel and Kaito then runs off with her to the docks. Kaito is about to say something when a horde of police cars arrive headed by the Black Beauty Sisters (in full uniform).

Lucia and Kaito run for a pirate ship and are now at sea when the Dark Lovers attack in another boat and Lucia and Kaito suddenly end up in a jungle when the Dark Lovers arrive on animals (a Hippo, a giraffe, an ostrich and a rhino) both quickly jump over a ravine and end up in a Wizard of Oz-type world with Hanon as the Lion, Rina as the scarecrow and Hippo as the tin man.

Kaito (in full gladiator garb) is being briefed by the director when the next scene begins with a giant alien and Lucia trapped in a cage. Kaito uses his power to summon a tidal wave and make an escape. The Dark Lovers are watching nearby and Izul decides to use the wave to create a giant water dragon and all the princess's and Kaito are engulfed by the dragon.

Lucia, Rina and Hanon suddenly wake up realizing what transpired was only a nightmare.

The next morning all 3 are tired at breakfast and when Mr.Wantanbe shows up this time they quickly send him away.



Language Title Translation
Greek Αποστολή: Πρώτο όνειρο
Apostoli: Proto oneiro
Mission: First dream
Serbian Новогодишњи Сан
Novogodišnji San
New Year's Dream
Italian Sogno nel sogno Dream inside a dream


  • In the jungle scene Yuuri rides a hippopotamus in reference to Hippo the penguin.
  • In this episode, Kaito checked on of the girls posters in the city but he did not realize that Lucia is the girl he has been looking for.
  • The only person to appear right after their dream at the end of episode was the scout.