An Icy Kiss
Episode 5
Air Date May 3, 2003
Episode No. 5
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"An Icy Kiss" "Tsumetai Kisu" (冷たいキス) is the fifth Episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


When a young pink dolphin named Momo is separated from his mother and placed in the local aquarium, Lucia and company journey there to offer their help.


It's Golden Week, Lucia cleans the house while Hanon sits relaxed. In the news, a pink dolphin , Momo-chan is in the aquarium after being stranded at the beach. Lucia and Hanon checked it out. Kaito, while surfing, found a dolphin who seems to be asking for help. When Lucia & Hanon arrived in the aquarium, they see alot of people --especially couples-- to see Momo-chan. Being sad of not having a "date", Hippo appears and tells them that they can't be left alone. After they found Momo-chan's pool location, they all end of in seperate ways. Hanon, thinking about her kingdom, met with Rina whose also doing the same thing. Hidden in Momo-chan's pool is Izuru, who is responsible for Momo-chan's situation.

Lucia, strolling around the aquarium seemed to be lost. In her worried state, she fell down the stairs only to know that she land on Kaito. When they arrived at Momo-chan's pool, Lucia used her power to talk to Momo-chan. In their conversation, it was halted by an announcement that a dolphin show is starting. Instead of a dolphin show, Izuru's water dragon appears and cause the people to scream. Lucia tells Kaito to watch over Momo-chan to confront the sea demon. Lucia happen to found Hanon & Rina and went to the source of the problem. They jumped to avoid Izuru's attack and transformed infront of the people to calm them. They start Live Start for the audience telling that it's a special performance for the Golden Week. The performance made the people happy while it made Izuru retreat. After the performance, Momo-chan's mother appeared and warmed the hearts of the people.

As the aquarium is about to close, Rina & Hanon meet with Hippo, who seemed to escape the penguin pool. Kaito is still searching for Lucia, when suddenly she appeared in the aquarium in mermaid form, telling him to find him and leaving him with a kiss.



Opening:Taiyō No Rakuen Ending:Daiji na Takarabako


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