His Secret
Episode 65
Air Date June 26, 2004
Episode No. 65
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The Marine Mermaid's Light Voice from the Dark

His Secret is a 13 episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure.


Hanon and Rina are at an ice cream parlor, eating ice cream, when Rina meets Masahiro there. Nagisa also meets Masahiro after misjudging that he was flirting with Hanon. The next day, Hanon shows Rina a magazine with a picture of Masahiro and his rich father. At this point, Rina wants to know more about Masahiro. However, she gets upset when Masahiro refused to tell her the truth on why he likes motorcycling and boxing. He sends her tickets to go to his boxing match, an offer which she turns down, and Masahiro loses to a world champion.

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