A Midsummer Night's Celebration
Air Date July 24, 2004
Episode No. 69
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It's Summer Vacation! Let's Gather, Everybody! Star Labyrinth

A Midsummer Night's Celebration is the 17 episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure. Nagisa obtains a pair of celebration tickets from Masahiro and decides to take Hanon out. But his plans to have Hanon's consent end up with him being played around by Coco, Noel and Karen in order for Hanon to realize her true feelings for Nagisa. This takes turn when Hanon gets jealous. When Nagisa is about to take Hanon to the celebration, he realizes that he lost the tickets, upsetting Hanon. He decides to take her by boat to a view where the celebration takes place.


Masahiro gave Nagisa tickets to invite Hanon because he does not like to go to parties. Maki then told the Mermaid Princesses about the celebration night that is going to have fireworks, hotel, and parties there. Hanon said she wanted to go but Maki informs her that without any celebration tickets, it will be impossible to get in which to Hanon's disappointment. Nagisa came rushing in calling Hanon's name leads to Maki to think the Nagisa is Hanon's boyfriend which Hanon denied. Nagisa asked if Hanon have time and then showed her the celebration tickets. Hanon said she will go with him. Coco, Karen and Noel were amazed of Hanon going out on a date with Nagisa. Hanon descibe Nagisa that he is just a child that she will go so he won't be alone. As Hanon leaves, Coco, Noel and Karen overheard Rina and Lucia stressed over Hanon for not treating Nagisa good. Coco have a plan with the help of Noel and Karen to get Hanon and Nagisa close to each other. Coco's first plan was to make Nagisa appear attactive. However they did not know that their plan just made Hanon upset of Nagisa. Coco's sencond plan is to make Hanon jealous. They plan not only made Hanon upset but also mad at Nagisa. Nagisa was on his way home to get dress up and wanted Hanon to look her best. On his way to pick up Hanon, Nagisa lost the tickets. Hanon ran away yelling that she hates Nagisa. Hanon ran to the beach still annoyed that Nagisa can't let her go to the party. She then notice someone or something is causing a commotion by having people get traped inside bubbles. She transformed and found a crab name Bubbles who was sent by Sheshe to cause trouble but was interrupted when Lanhua showed up. Lanhua starts talking about her beauty to Hanon's annoyment and disgust. She was then attack when Lucia and Rina transform to help her. Lanhua sings her song to make the mermaids dance along with Bubbles.

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