Light of Love


Episode 6

Air Date May 10, 2003
Episode No. 6
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"Light of Love" "Ai no Tōka" (愛の灯火) is the sixth Episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Nikora tells Lucia and Hanon a legend about a cave that grants true love to anyone who lights a candle with the bearer and his/her true love on it. As Lucia plans to light a candle with Kaito's name on it, she also experiences conflicting emotions when she realizes Kaito still hasn't discovered she is his precious mermaid.


In Gaito's castle, a new sea demon, Maria, appeared while Gaito was bathing. Expecting great results from her, Gaito sent out Maria to capture the Mermaid Princesses.

Nikora tells Hanon and Lucia a legend believed that love would be born if a candle is lit in the cave where the legend happened. Luckily, the cave usually in underwater is accessible the next day. Later that day, Lucia went to see Kaito and told him that she's going to the legendary cave. A sudden downpour occurs so the two held for shelter in an unused beach house. Kaito lend Lucia a towel and ask to remove her clothes to avoid catching a cold. As a fire is lit in the house to keep them warm, Lucia wonders what Kaito's thinking. Kaito talks about on how she saw a mermaid in Lucia earlier, Lucia being confused said something mean that angered Kaito. In that moment, Kaito suddenly kiss Lucia, which cause her to slap Kaito. Rina, seeing Lucia at the beach, cheers her up by telling her it will be alright.

The next day, Hanon prepared some candles for the two of them which made Lucia feel better. As they head inside, they saw how beautiful the cave was with the candlelight. Lighting their candles, they prayed to the legendary mermaid. Out of the blue, Kaito seems to look the cave. Maria, who seem to know the legend too, appears nearby. As the three of them go out of the cave, they noticed Kaito and cheerfully pushed Lucia telling her to meet up with him. As she confronts Kaito, a snowstorm brewed. Remembering that the candle might die, she tried to go back but is stopped by Kaito and tells her that he will go. Thinking it's a work of a sea demon, they confront Maria.

When the storm stopped, she went back and apologize to Kaito. As they head back, Kaito tease Lucia whether he saw the engraving on the candle or not.

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