Seperated Sisters
Episode 79^ ^
Air Date October 2, 2004
Episode No. 79
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Idol Debut Seira's Flower Garden

Seperated Sisters is the seventy-ninth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch and the twenty-seventh episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure. This is the first episode that has the Black Beauty Sisters as the main characters.


After another loss at the hands of the three Mermaid Princesses, the Black Beauty Sisters bicker at each other because of Fuku's comments. Mimi leaves Sheshe during their argument because Sheshe keeps on blaming their losses on her. Mimi meets and befriends Lucia, Hanon and Rina not knowing their identities. She tries to capture the mermaid princesses on her own, and fails, almost dying. Sheshe uses the new power given to them by Mikeru to heal Mimi, as she doesn't care if they get "kicked out" or not; she would rather die in the sea with her sister. 


After another loss at the hands of the Three Mermaid Princesses, Sheshe and Mimi bicker at each other because of Fuku's comments. Sheshe scolds Mimi for her clumsiness and Mimi shouted at Sheshe for not looking out for her. After Sheshe said that she wished she never had a sister like her, Mimi ran away, Mimi went to the surface to look for the Mermaid Princesses. Mimi then ran into Lucia and she spent the night in Pearl Piari. Mimi told the Mermaid Princesses about her "rivals", Lucia, Hanon and Rina encouraged her to fight her "rivals" and don't give up no matter what.

The next day, after accepting the advice from her new "friends", she decides to fight the Mermaid Princesses on her own. Meanwhile, Fuku noticed that Mimi is not with Sheshe and asked her if she could handle capturing the mermaid princesses all on her own. Although Sheshe pretends that she doesn't care, she is really worried about Mimi.

Mimi created a water tornado underwater to lure out the Mermaid Princesses, she also got to sing her own solo version of Yami No Baroque. But since their songs don't harm mermaids if they don't sing them together, it had no effect on Lucia, Hanon and Rina. Mimi almost ran away when the mermaid princesses began singing, but she was determinded to defeat them after remembering her "friends" words of encouragement. She tried to fight back at the mermaid princesses but was already beginning to lose strength.

Eventually, she couldn't stand the songs anymore and floated away after getting attacked with the mermaid's Love Shower Pitch. Luckily, Sheshe who was watching the scene happen from far away, came to her rescue. She held Mimi and told her that she was her very important sister. She was very angry at the mermaid princesses for hurting Mimi and used the ball of light to create water tornados to attack them. But Mimi soon fainted, She was very worried and left to heal her. Sheshe took Mimi to the bottom of the ocean and used the ball of light to heal Mimi. Knowing this would get her punished by Mikeru, Mimi told Sheshe to not heal her. But Sheshe did not care whether they get punished as long as they are with each other. At the end Mimi hugged Sheshe while crying.


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