A Mermaid's Jealousy


Episode 7
Air Date May 17, 2003
Episode No. 7
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Light of Love Frozen Feeling

A Memraid's Jealousy is the seventh episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


When Lucia hears a rumor that Kaito is dating an older girl, she sets out to investigate. Elsewhere, a beautiful emerald found in the ruins of Rina's kingdom becomes the star attraction of a cruise liner gallery, and Eriru attempts to steal it to lure the mermaid princesses to her.


Lucia's classmates gossiping about Kaito and an older girl who look like lovers. Instead of being sad about it Lucia and Hippo "investigate" on what Kaito is doing. Failing in their first attempt to follow him, they coincidentally meet. Their talk was interrupted by a girl and shocked Lucia. Still shocked, Lucia and Hippo still follow Kaito. Noticed by the girl, she made a scene that made Lucia run. After the surfing lesson, the girl gave Kaito tickets to the "Mermaid's Eye" as a sign of thanks.

Kaito invited Lucia to go out after school with the tickets the girl gave him. As they enter, the girl-- Ayaka-san planned a dinner reservation, which she whispers to Lucia and that caused her to run away. On the other side of the boat, the "Mermaid's Eye" is on display. Rina remembered the gem before her kingdom was attacked. Eriru stole the gem thinking that it would please Gaito and a Mermaid Princess will follow her. Rina and Lucia followed her but Eriru has some traps laid on. Rina and Lucia are in a pinch but is saved by Hanon's appearance. As they defeat Eriru, the gem sank into the bottom of the sea.

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