Battle on Christmas Eve
Episode 90
Air Date December 18, 2004
Episode No. 90
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To the Castle in the Sky... Onward to That Dream

Battle on Christmas Eve is the thirty-eighth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure. The six Mermaid Princesses together with Rihito and Kaito engage in a final battle with Mikeru. Seira is finally born and ready to fight with her voice. The Great One turns out to be Rihito and Michal's father; everything is explained, and the Great One destroys the statue that is Mikeru's true self. After that, Fuku reveals that he was created to control Mikeru, if anything goes wrong; he does so, but the mermaids still sing a powerful song to defeat him. Aqua Regina makes an appearance, and their song gets through to Mikeru and Michal. The spirits of the original angels appear and invite Mikeru and Fuku to join them, which they happily accept. In the end, Aqua Regina gives a reborn Michal to Rihito.

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