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Everyone from the entire series.

Onward to That Dream is the ninety-first and last episode of the series. It is also the thirty-ninth episode of Mermaid Melody Pure.


With all things troubling themselves and the marine world out of the way, the seven Mermaid Princesses celebrate the newfound peace by organizing a little concert one that becomes a huge reunion of characters from the entire series. Lucia and Kaito share their lovely time togther once more in the end.


Nikora bosses Coco, Karen, Noel and Seira to work and to decorate the Pearl Piari for the concert that is going to happen soon.

During the show, the Dark Lovers appear and Hippo and Yuri were making a romanric reunion only for both of them to get hit on the heads by Karen and Noel who claim they don't have boyfriends and Seira the same thing by Coco who told her to "Drop the romantic asoshpere".


  • We see the whole characters of the entire series in this episode.
    • Mikeru and his servants are the only ones not to appear in this episode.
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