Stolen Melody


Episode 9

Air Date May 31, 2003
Episode No. 9
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Stolen Melody is the ninth episode of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Encouraged by how well Lucia's bento went with Kaito, Hanon decides to prepare a bento for Taro as well. They also find out about a tune their teacher wrote for the mermaid he met during a trip in India.


Late at night, everyone heard a noise in the kitchen and Nikora believes there is a thief. Lucia and Nikora caught the thief on it. It turns out to be Hanon, she was trying to make a bento box for Tarou.


  • First time Hanon sings Ever Blue.
  • After Yuri disappears, Hanon cries over Taro's sheet music that has been torn.
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