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Mrs Amagi (夫人天城 Fujin Amagi) is Rihito and Michal's late mother. She is a member of the Panthalassa and she is married to Mr. Amagi. She is a manga-only character.


Mrs. Amagi was the wife of a researcher of ancient species, Mr. Amagi was Rihito and Michal's father. She was unlike her daughter, always sickly, and because of the curse of the power of the Panthalassa, which didn't allow her to have many descendants, she lost her life after she gave birth to Michal. Because Mr. Amagi met her, he became obsessed with old races like the Panthalassa clan, and later found out about the Ancients.

Mrs. Amagi inherited a Staff of Panthalassa, and Rihito found the key to the case in which it was in it in his mother's box. In the manga, she spoke to him for one last time when he picked up the staff, appearing before him as a spirit: "Rihito... I am so sorry! As your mother, I ask you to forgive me and to rescue Michal." after which she disappears. She never made an appearance in the anime, and was only ever mentioned.

At the end of the series, Rihito is found visiting his mother and father's grave together with the reborn Michal.


Mrs. Amagi was most likely a gentle person who cared a lot for her family. Her dialogue in the manga suggests that she was aware of mr. Amagi's obsession, but didn't do anything about it. After she died it got out of hand, resulting in having mr. Amagi revive Michel to try to save Michal, and she tells Rihito that she feels remorseful for not having stopped him while she still could.


  • Along with her daughter, they are the only female Panthalassas.
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