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At the Mermaid Melody wiki we do not wish to impose too many rules, in the hopes of keeping the project fun and friendly. This being said, we do request that you try to follow the rules we do have as closely as possible. If ever you are struggling with understanding a rule, or are unsure about something else, do not hesitate to contact one of the administrative team either here or on Discord.

If these rules are broken, the administrative team will first attempt to help you with better understanding the rules but repeat breaches may result in your removal from the Wiki.

Rules on Conduct (AKA Don't be an Idiot)

Fortunately our community has been extremely friendly so far, and we'd like to keep it that way, so we just ask you to treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself.

  • Don't vandalise articles, e.g. intentionally blanking pages or making unhelpful edits
  • Don't harass other members in general, if someone edits an article in a way you don't like, please discuss it with them in a civil manner rather than descending into an edit war.
  • This Wiki has many younger visitors, so adult content and language will not be tolerated.

Article Styling

The Wiki maintains a set of design guidelines (Currently incomplete) for article creation, including Templates to make the task easier. We ask that you use these as much as possible to keep things consistent between articles.

Keep it Canon

Previously, the wiki has had a significant problem with non-canon information being posted as fact, which has unfortunately propagated through the wider community over the years. Going forward, articles should contain canon information only. Ideally, information should be [cited] where possible, especially if the subject matter is not immediately obvious. Below is a hierarchy of sources listed in rough order of their validity, this is by no means 100% concrete and some sources may be considered superior in certain areas if the situation demands it.

  • Production Materials (Settei or Scripts)
  • Japanese Manga
  • Japanese Anime
  • Information listed on Japanese Merchandise
  • International versions of the Anime or Manga (For the purposes of this primarily English speaking Wiki, the English manga will be considered the gold standard among these versions)

The GameBoy Advance Videogames contain little story, but information from it should not be considered canon if it contradicts information from the above sources. They may be discussed as merchandise in their own articles however, and character appearances or activities in them can be listed in the character articles, under a relevant heading.

Speculation and unconfirmed information can be posted in the Trivia section of articles, or in another specially designated section where it is clearly denoted as being non-canon. Fan Canon (Fanon) is always acceptable on user pages.

About Fanworks

Fanworks should be kept out of articles altogether, except in significant cases which might warrant their own articles under Merchandise (See: Artbooks, potentially the GraffArts stationary releases). If you are an artist, or wish to promote a friends art, you may again do so from your user page.

Contain your Fangirling/boying

As much as we all have that one character we really love, and probably a few that most of us hate, this wiki isn't the right place for sharing those opinions. Try and approach writing articles from a [Neutral Point of View ]. In essence, keep articles as factual as possible, and do not attempt to promote your opinion as fact!

Image Standards

At the time of writing, we are undergoing a project to debloat and recreate the image library on the wiki, as it is excessive and often of a low quality. Going forward, please do not post images if:

  • They are of a low resolution
  • They are a copy of an existing image
  • Please do not post extensively modified images unless there is a good reason. Panoramas are acceptable.
  • For anime, if they contain subtitles, a broadcaster watermark or some other onscreen text. Use a raw DVD-Rip if possible for the best quality screenshots.
    • Try to avoid adding new anime screenshots overall, unless absolutely necessary
  • For manga, ideally do not use the low quality English scanlation found most commonly on the internet, especially for books 1-3 which were translated poorly. This applies less for books 4-7 which are effectively scans of the official release.

Additionally, please ensure you select a license when you're uploading images. Generally, Fair Use or Creative Commons is sufficient here.

Locked Pages

Historically, a majority of pages on this Wiki have been locked, which was in contravention of Fandom's guidelines. Going forward, every page (Barring the Main Page and certain important backend ones) will be free for anyone to edit, unless they become the target of excess vandalism.