Kaito Domoto


Name: Kaito Domoto (堂本 海斗 Dōmoto Kaito)
Age: 15
Birthday: November 21
Birthplace: Panthalassa Kingdom
Species/Race: Panthalassa Clan

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 172 cm (5'8")

Blood Type : A

Personal Information

Star Sign: Scorpio
Talent: Surfing
Profession: Surfer, Student
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Mathematics
Least Favorite Subject: Social Studies
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Stew
Favorite Type of Girls: Low Maintenance Girls


Family: Gaito (brother), Makoto (cousin) Best Friend: Unknown
Love Interest: Lucia Nanami

Production Information

Voice Actor: Daisuke Kishio
Position in the Series: Main Character

Kaito (堂本 海斗 Dōmoto Kaito) is in love with Lucia and is the twin brother of Gaito. He is an orphan; his parents died when their ship capsized during a storm (caused by Sara when her pearl was out of control). However, as he discovered later, those were not his real parents; he is a child of the Panthalassa.


He is the twin brother of Gaito. This is because the Phanthalessa imbued their descendant's power into the two twin boys which, when joined, allows power to destroy the world. This is why Aqua Regina separated Gaito and Kaito. He washed up to shore wrapped in seaweed after a storm and a couple who were musicians found him. From there they raised him. While Kaito and his parents were on a cruise Sara was angered by Taro abandoning her and she created a big wave that shipwrecked the cruise ship and killed both of Kaito's parents. Fortunately, Lucia saved Kaito and brought him back to shore. He continued to be unconscious so Lucia used her pearl to save him. And he wound up raising himself.


Kaito is very interested in surfing since he was still a child, and is a very easygoing person. He is shown to be popular with girls and can be quite flirtatious, even perverted to an extent, as he comments on Lucia's outfit that her clothes are cute, but he prefers "more racey outfits."

He is completely oblivious to the fact that Lucia is the mermaid that saved him as a child. Despite this, he had several times where he questioned if Lucia could be that mermaid and compared her human and mermaid forms throughout the series.


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Kaito as a human

His hair is orange-brown a little red and spiky and he has brown eyes. As pointed out, he resembles his brother Gaito. He wears a variety of different clothes on land such as a white jacket and black turtle neck or a red jacket and a white shirt. While surfing he wears a red, black, and slightly yellow wet suit. In water he wears a blue, red, and yellow outfit with a whiteish cape. His school uniform looks like any other male uniform of his school with a white button down shirt and blue pants.


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Voice Actor

  • Chinese: 汪世瑋
  • English: Blake Shepard 
  • French: Emmanuel Deknoinck.
  • Greek: Yiorwos Mataragas (Γιώργος Ματαράγκας)
  • Italian: Simone D'Andrea
  • Japanese: Daisuke Kishio
  • Korean: Byeon heyon woo
  • Portuguese: Sérgio Calvinho
  • Serbian: Milan Antonić (Милан Антонић)
  • Spanish: Alvaro Navarro
  • Hebrew: Gilan Shahaf
  • Cantonese: 梁偉德