Name: Lanhua (蘭花 Ranfa)
Age: 1.5-2 (chronologically)
18 (biologically)
Birthplace: Mikeru's lair
Race: Original Demon

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Height: 170cm (5'7")

Personal Information

Lives in: Mikeru's lair (former), possible in Japan
Image Song: Hana to Chou no Serenade
Profession: Mikeru's servant (former)
Hobby: Singing, Making herself up
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Flower: Blossoms
Favorite Type of Guys: High maintenance guys


Family: Mikeru (creator), Lady Bat, Alala (Siblings)
Friends: Lady Bat, Alala, Sheshe, Mimi, Mikeru (former)
Mikeru, Mermaid Princesses (possible former)
Love Interest: Mikeru (former)
Best Friends: Lady Bat and Alala

Production Information

Voice Actress: Megumi Kojima
Position in the Series: Villain
First Appearance: Voice From the Dark
(Episode 14 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)
Last Appearance: To the Castle in the Sky...
(Episode 37 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure)

Lanhua (蘭花 Ranfa) calls herself "The Wings of Desire and Contentment”. Mikeru's butterfly-like servant. She can divide into a dozen smaller versions of herself (which really do not look harmful or dangerous: in fact, very cute) to play a tune that makes the listeners dance until they die. She is called Ranfa and Lang Fa and Ran Pa in some dubs, but the English translators for the manga decided to follow the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation of her name.


Mermaid Melody Pure

Lanhua is one of main villains in the second season.


In her regular form Lanhua has a long ribboned red bow on top of her head and two buns covered with red with bangs and her purple hair flowing down. She wears a red cheongsam dress with a flower on the bottom. In her regular form her eyes are light red-brown colored. Her wings are butterfly-like, and blue, black and purple. In her human form, her hair is the same, except for the accessories, which change. Her eye color modifies to a more brownish color. She is seen wearing a bus attendant styled outfit with a light purple-blue jacket and a gold trim, along with a matching skirt and high heels. She always carries her fan wherever she goes. She is also seen wearing a waitress outfit to carry out the plans she and the others take part in. When she sings, she divides into a dozen cute chibi versions of herself which play instruments as she sings. They act according to her. When they lose power, they disappear and become a butterfly or Lanhua herself.

Hana Lanhua

One of Lanhua's smaller versions


Lanhua is a young girl, she is self-centered and only thinks about herself. She can be full of her self sometimes, and can be angered easily when made fun of. She claims to be the most beautiful woman in the ocean and believes that the mermaids are ugly, occassionally washing them with sparkling shards of ice from her fan, and believes that humans are toys that should be punished because of them polluting the beautiful sea and sky. She is infatuated with herself like Alala and Lady Bat are. She expects more of the mermaids than what the show up to be, as being much more beautiful as worthy opponents of beauty next to her, and having much better singing voices. She also hates bus rides in the human world, as shown in one of the Pure episodes, having old people kissing her, people throwing up on her, and children trying to attack her. She hates to be bossed around so she, Lady Bat, and Alala team up against the Black Beauty Sisters who always try to be in charge. Lanhua wanted to be the best of Mikeru's servants, striving to become his queen and rule along with him. But this changes once she discovers his lie and he absorbs her along with Alala and Lady Bat. They turn against him instead of continuing to serve him.


She can multiply into a dozen smaller versions of herself (which really do not look harmful or dangerous: in fact, very cute) to play a tune that makes the listeners dance until they die. She has a fan that summons glowing flower petals that seemingly makes the victims purple. She can also make a cage of these petals to capture people and fly by using her wings. She can transform into human too.

Voice Actress

Lanhua's voice actress is Megumi Kojima (小島めぐみ Kojima Megumi), born October 24 , 1980.

In 2007, Megumi Kojima along with some other voice actresses from Mermaid Melody:(Miki Tsuchiya/土屋実紀, Sheshe's voice actress,Noriko Shitaya/下屋 則子, Mimi's voice actress and Sayori Ishizuka/石塚 さより, Izuru's voice actress) formed a band called "Cri☆siS".

Izuru's voice actresses in dubs:

  • English: N/A
  • Taiwanese: 汪世瑋 / Wāng Shì Wěi
  • Korean: Lee Mihyang
  • French: Fanny Roy
  • Spanish: Pilar González Aguado (Speaking) , Araceli Lavado (Singing)
  • Greek: Χρυσούλα Παπαδοπούλου / Chrysoúla Papadopoúlou (Speaking), Βασιλική Ρόρρη / Vasilikí Rórri (Singing) , Ευτυχίας Ραφτοπούλου / Eftychías Raftopoúlou (Singing; Episode 75)
  • Italian: Marcella Silvestri (Speaking) , Elena Tavernini (Singing)
  • Portuguese: Sandra De Castro
  • Serbian: Јелена Стојиљковић / Jelena Stojiljković , Андријана Оливерић / Andrijana Oliverić (Mini Lanhuas)
  • Malaysian: N/A
  • Singaporean: N/A
  • Hebrew: N/A
  • Cantonese: 黃麗芳


  • Lanhua's smaller versions have names too; In the anime, they are each named:
  1. リャーファ (Ryafa)
  2. プォンファ (Puonfa)
  3. シファ (Shifa)
  4. ティンファ (Tingfa)
  5. ニャンファ (Nyanfa)
  6. クァンファ (Kuangfa)
  7. トンファ (Tonfa)
  8. シャファ (Shafa)
  9. チューファ (Chufa)
  10. ヅァンファ (Zanfa)
  11. シンファ (Sinfa)
  12. リェーファ (Liefa)[1]
  • Lanhua is the only creation of Mikeru that her creation is not seen.
  • Her visual is based on Ranpha Franboise.
  • She is the second villain to claim herself to be beautiful for Mikeru.


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