Lucia And Kaito (Flower Art Back Ground)

Lucia and Kaito

Lucia Nanami and Kaito Domoto are a romantic couple in the anime and manga of Mermaid Melody.


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The first time that Lucia saw Kaito was when they were little kids. She sings a little part of "Legend of Mermaid" where he first hears it. After a tsunami damaged the cruising ship knocking him overboard, she managed to save him and then later she heals him with her pink pearl from her Shell Locket. Seven years later, they've once again met and she starts to fall in love with him. When he yells her name in case of their separation, the symbol of the Panthalassa Kingdom glows on his forehead which first occured when trapped in Maria's ice.


After Kaito returns from Hawaii, he has brought along Mikaru and has forgotten all memories of the mermaids and anything to do with the sea. Lucia is devastated by this and gets jealous when Mikaru is around Kaito. Over time, reminders of Kaito's past start showing up and memories of Lucia return slowly as long as she, her friends, and classmates do their best to help him remember. He fully regains his memory of Lucia and the others after Mikeru attempts to gain information out of him but Lucia, Hanon and Rina arrive in time to save him. Since then, Kaito and Lucia have rekindled their love flame.

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Pichi Pichi Pitch


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