Madame Taki
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Name: Madame Taki (タキさん Taki-san)
Age: 75+
Species/Race: Clam

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Light Brown

Personal Information

Hobby: Predicting the Future
Talent: Predicting the Future, Good Advisor
Favorite Color: Dark Purple
Favorite Type of Boys: Patient and Wise Boys


Family: Auri
Friends: Nikora, The Mermaid Princesses, Hippo
Enemies: Gaito, Dark Lovers, Black Beauty Sisters
Love Interest: Somegorō

Production Information

Voice Actress: Kumi Yamakado
Position in the Series: Supporting Character

Madame Taki (タキさん Taki-san) is a supporting character in the anime Mermaid Melody.


Madame Taki is the owner of the Pearl Piari Hotel. She's the fortune teller but Lucia and her friends usually never ask her for fortunes becuase they're usually inaccurate. Hippo says that Madame Taki's fortunes are usually wrong, but they mostly are correct.


Taki appears to be a focused and calm person. She often attempts to make predictions in hopes of helping out her friends, but usually is declined because her predictions are assumed to be always wrong. Rare times when her predictions were correct usually leave her friends shocked.


Taki has the ability to turn into a clam possibly so that she can swim underwater and for protection. She can also make predictions for the future, but almost always they are wrong. However she can make correct predictions too.


Taki has light brown hair and eyes. Her eyes are usually seen closed. She wears a black bandana with a see through material attached to the back. She wears a red cloak over her floor length black dress and carries her crystal ball with her most of the time.


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