Name: Maki (真木 Maki)
Age: 32
Species/Race: Human

Physical Appearance

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brownish Grey

Personal Information

Profession: Restaurant Owner
Hobby: Running his Restaurant
Favorite Color: Olive
Favorite Type of Girls: Low Maintenance Girls


Family: Saori (wife: died)
Love Interest: Nikora Nanami

Production Information

Voice Actor: Keijin Okuda
Position in the Series: Minor Character

Maki (真木 Maki) is one of the main supporting characters from Mermaid Melody.


Maki is the owner of the bar that Lucia and her friends (including Kaito) work at. His wife passed away 10 years ago. He later supposedly fell in love with Nikora the manager of the Pearl Piari Hotel (or Pearl Waters in the manga). Maki asked Nikora's hand in marriage but she rejected it saying that she'll wait until he lets go of his deceased wife.


Maki is very calm. He seems to love Nikora with all his heart, showing a bit of impatience while waiting for Nikora's answer to his marriage proposal. Despite his proposal, he still hasn't got over his wife's death.


Maki has tanned skin, shoulder-length brown hair, and greyish-bluish eyes. He is showing signs of aging on his face and is rather skinny in size.


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