Masahiro Hamasaki


Name: Masahiro Hamasaki (浜崎雅弘 Hamasaki Masahiro)
Age: 15-16
Species/Race: Human

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green

Personal Information

Talent: Boxing, Extreme Sports
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Type of Girls: Low Maintenance Girls


Love Interest: Rina Toin

Production Information

Voice Actor: Kiyotaka Furushima
Position in the Series: Supporting Character

Masahiro Hamasaki (浜崎雅弘 Hamasaki Masahiro) is a flirtatious and rebellious teen who has a crush on Rina Toin. He first appeared in Episode 56 of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure.

Masahiro rides a motorcycle and does amateur boxing, which was the few characteristics that Rina admired about him.


Masahiro is a flirtatious boy who has a crush on Rina. He rides on a motorcycle and he does some amateur boxing. He has a rich father who wants Masahiro to take over the company retires but he doesn't want to. He does boxing and motorcross for fun. He first appeared in Mermaid Melody Pure episode 4. Masahrio goes to a elite school with his friends and his school is next to Rina, Lucia and Hanon's school.


Masahiro has green spiky hair and dark green eyes. He wears glasses and rides a motorcycle. His usual outfit consists of a brown jacket and dark jeans. For school, he wears the assumed-to-be elite male uniform. He carries his school bag in the same mannerism Rina does.


Unlike most guys, Masahiro seems very confident and straight forward about his choices and words. An example would be him saying straight forward that he was fond of Rina. He claims that nobody likes him and he wants to know more about Rina and how to love her. He is overall the most polite of the three friend's boyfriends.

According to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, he was to inherit his father's business, but he didn't want to. He says that he likes riding and boxing because it's something he can do on his own without anybody telling him what to do.

Voice Actor

Masahiro was voiced by Kiyotaka Furushima


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  • Masahiro means wise.
  • Hamasaki means seashore cape.
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