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Name: Meru (芽流 Meru)
Age: 11
Species/Race: Mermaid

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Lilac (mermaid)/Sky Blue (human)
Eye Color: Sky Blue (mermaid)/Brown (human)

Personal Information

Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Type of Boys: High Maintenance Boys


Family: Meru's Mother (mother)
Friends: Hanon, Lucia, Rina
Enemies: Yuri
Love Interest: Kaito Domoto

Production Information

Voice Actress: Ema Kogure
Position in the Series: Minor Character

Meru (芽流 Meru) is a mermaid from the South Atlantic Ocean. She was told to bring the Morning Moon Music Box to Hanon before her mom disappeared as bait for the Dark Lovers.

Initially, she strongly disapproved of seeing Lucia and Hanon having relationships with humans, but she was infatuated by Kaito's kindness toward her that she came back in Episode 24 to playfully ask him to marry her, much to Lucia's surprise.



In Episode 18 she comes to look for her Mother, hoping Hanon would find her. Then, in Episode 24 she comes back wanting to marry Kaito in a fake advertisement wedding. He agrees and Lucia gets jealous. Then Lucia agrees to go to a wedding with a man who's girlfriend left him at the last minute because she couldn't get the dress she wanted, and Kaito gets jealous. At the end Meru finally learns that Kaito is meant for Lucia.

When the South Atlantic Ocean kingdom is attacked and Hanon escapes, Meru is left behind, lost, and without her mother. Yuri meets her and tricks her into believing that Hanon betrayed Meru and her mother. Yuri promises to help find Meru's mother if Meru helped capture Hanon.


Meru at first is a loving girl who looks up to only Hanon. After learning that both Lucia and Hanon were in love, she felt disgusted by that thought. When Hanon saved Meru from Yuri, Meru learns that it's because Hanon is in love, that she is able to sing well. She now doesn't only look up to Hanon, but also Lucia and Rina. Meru can also be cheeky at times, but overall, she loves the other mermaids and treats them with great respect.


Meru, unlike her mother has short hair. Her mermaid tail, eyes and hair are all light blue. She wears a shell necklace, but unlike the Mermaid Princesses, it contains no pearl and it has no wings.

In her human form, Meru wears the same hairstyle, except her hair color is much darker and her eyes become dark brown. She also wears a red ribbon around her neck, a short blue dress and red shoes.


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  • Meru is voiced by Karen's voice actress.
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