The mother of Meru, a mermaid of the South Atlantic Ocean. She was missing when there was an attack from Panthalassa in the kingdom, which causes Meru to worry. Later, it is discovered that she is safe at Lucia's castle.


Meru's Mother is a loving mother that cares for Meru very much. She's very responsible and takes great care of Meru as well as the Princess of the Atlantic Ocean, Hanon while the Mermaids tried to flee from the Kingdom while it was being destroyed. She is also very smart and was the one that came up with the idea of using the Morning Moon to find all the mermaids. However, because she was busy protecting the other mermaids, she gave the Morning Moon to Meru so that she can deliver it to Hanon


Meru's Mother has long hair unlike Meru. Her hair is purple and it is tied in a ponytail. Her mermaid outfit is blue and she has no bracelets (like the others). Her shell necklace is plain.


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