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Name: Michel (ミケル Mikeru)
Age: Several millions of years
Species/Race: Ancient

Physical Appearance

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Green
Eye Color: Light Blue

Personal Information

Talent: Creating Demons, playing flute
Theme Color: White
Image Song: Tsubasa wo Daite
Profession: Emperor of the Ancients


Family: Lady Bat, Lanhua and Alala (creations)
Servants: Michel's Servants (former), Fuku
Enemies: Mermaid Princesses, Kaito, Rihito

Production Information

Voice Actress: Junko Minagawa
Position in the Series: Main Antagonist (2nd Season)

Michel (ミケル Michel) is the main antagonist in Mermaid Melody Pure. He is also the one who launched a personal vendetta against the Mermaid Princesses after learning their relations with the human world. He's an artificial being created by the Ancients. Mikaru and Seira were once a part of him.


Michel is an ancient angel and is disgusted by what humans had done to the Earth that he and the other angels created. Michel believes that "angels" and mermaids are superior beings to humans because both species understand the importance of the Earth and each have powers, in one form or another, and thus tries to convince the Mermaid Princesses to join his side and fight against the humans that defile the Earth and its oceans.

Although he is strong enough to resist any song the Mermaid Princesses would dish out against him, he is cursed with a weak body, which is a result of his heart and Mikaru's cells repel each other. He tried to take Kaito's memories and later on his powers too, he stated that he could feel a power coming from him being a non-human being, and wanted to know everything about it. In the manga, it is revealed that Michel is under the control of Fuku and is very good and gentle at heart.

In both the anime and the manga, it is revealed that his true form is an ancient fossil left by the Ancients for Fuku to guard. In the manga it is also revealed that Michel was the emperor of the Ancients and prayed every day for the survival of the Ancients when humans were rising, resulting in losing his power.

In the manga, Michel declares that he is carrying out the will of the gods, and tries to win the Mermaid Princesses (and especially Lucia) for himself, claiming that they have common purposes.

Michel seems to rely on a 'medicine' provided to him by The Great One. At first sight, however, this medicine doesn't seem to do much save for making him suffer even more.


His attacks in the manga and anime are fairly different from each other. The only power he has in both the manga and the anime is absorbing entities within his wings. This attack is, in the anime, seen succesful three times: while absorbing Seira, while absorbing the Black Beauty Sisters and while absorbing Lady Bat, Lanhua and Alala. In the anime, he absorbed Mikaru without having to take her into his wings. In the manga he, as addition to absorbing people into his wings (like he did with Seira), will eat everyone within his wings if his power is low enough, resulting into eating the Black Beauty Sisters under influence of The Great One's 'medicine' and the pain his body caused him. He did, however, get their memories of the Mermaid Princesses and their human forms.


He is oftenly seen with his flute, and in the manga he plays it multiple times, resulting in his victims falling in a trance. He is able to imbed words into his fluteplay and used it to try to manipulate Lucia. He can transform his flute into a whip or a bow. The whip spawns multiple ropes through which he can send energy and can therefore be used to take out multiple targets at once. The whip is his preferred weapon but he is seen being very skilled with his bow. In the anime, however, he is seen playing his flute only once, playing Mikaru's theme song, and did never use it as a weapon.

Final battle

In the final battle in the anime he summons many fairy-like small minions with a purple body and red eyes. They can knock out the Mermaid Princesses in a few hits, but are taken out easily when Rihito fires the rod of Panthalassa. In the manga he summons six crosses which chain the Mermaid Princesses.

Number of appearances

Episode of Pure Importance Arc/plotline
Episode 1: Morning of Separation Introduction Start first semiarc
Episode 2: That Horizon Reintroduction for the BBS
Episode 4: A premonition of Happiness Figurant
Episode 7: Her Stolen Heart Role confirmation End first semiarc
Episode 9: Étude of Love Introduction first servant Start second semiarc
Episode 11: Her Brother's Feelings Plot development
Episode 14: Voice from the Dark Introduction second servant
Episode 15: Prayer of the Seven Seas Plot development
Episode 20: Detectives of Love Character development/semifiller
Episode 22: Thief of Memories Plot development End second semiarc
Episode 23: Heart inside a Heart Establishing relative position Start third semiarc
Episode 25: Love Fortune Semifiller
Episode 28: Seira's Flower Garden Character development End third semiarc
Episode 32: Memories Vanished at Sea Plot development Start final semiarc
Episode 33: Disturbed Heart Removal/Death of BBS/Plot development
Episode 34: Temptation of a White Feather Establishing relation to Mikaru/Plot development
Episode 35: Instead of Goodbye... Plot development
Episode 36: The End of Despair Plot development/Character development
Episode 37: To the Castle in the Sky... Plot development/Character development
Episode 38: Battle on Holy Night Final episode End final semiarc


Michel looks like an angel. He has very long light green hair tied low with a blue ribbon. He has light blue pupilless eyes and long eyelashes. He wears white Greek-styled robes, with a blue garment with fringes under his belt, that are bound by a golden fibula-like object and a golden belt depicting two wings. His further accessories are a golden headband, gold earrings, four gold rings around his neck, his golden arm-ornaments, and (only in the anime) Roman-styled sandals. Most of the time, Michel is surrounded by a white aura. He has four (six after absorbing the Black Beauty Sisters) big white wings with the feathers containing the fragments of Seira's heart. After he became one with Mikaru, they glowed brighter. These fragments remain there until the very end of the anime.

Though his armor is, mangawise, instant self-repairing, there are some inconsistencies regarding the length of his robes and the appearance of his belt and arm-ornaments. His wings, however, are a lot less self-repairing.


Michel's Gallery: Michel/Gallery


  • The name Michel, rom. Michel, is a reference to the archangel Michael.
  • Michel is frequently mistranslated as Mikeru.
  • In the Greek dub, Michel is voiced by a woman as he was mistaken to be a female character. However, he was presented as a male in Episode 90. As in most dubs, his song is sung by a woman. 
  • In the Italian dub, Michel did not get to sing his image song, Tsubasa wo Daite. Instead, they made it some sort of poetry, partially keeping the original lyrics.
  • Michel was one of the few to not appear in the final episode of the last season (episode 39). The others are Michel's servants.
  • The Serbian voice actor (for his song) of Michel participated in a Eurovision Song Festival.
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