Mikeru's castle as seen in the anime

Mikeru's Castle is where Mikeru and his servants lived until the end of the series.


Mikeru's castle bears semblance to the Tower of Babel from the Bible. It spirales up and forms three peaks. Within one of the walls between the main castle and the outer layer is a staircase, leading all the way up to the main room of the castle and all the way down to the basement, where Mikeru's fossil sleeps eternally.

The castle is situated in Mikeru's dimension, which is filled with clouds, huge golden DNA-strands and extinct species.


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Currently known inhabitants of Mikeru's castle include:


Currently known places are:
  • The castle from another angle
  • Main room
  • The interior of the main room
  • Interior of the main room and base for The Great One
  • The basement (manga)
  • Alala with the halls in the background
  • Top of the tower
  • The main room, in which Mikeru attends his servants
  • The basement, where Mikeru's fossil lies
  • The staircase
  • The hall
  • The top of the towers, where Mikeru sings his song
  • Lanhua's room
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