Momo Dolphin


Name: Momo (ももちゃん Momo-chan)
Age: (around) 1
Species/Race: Dolphin

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Eye Color: Light Blue

Personal Information

Talent: Talking with Mermaids
Favorite Color: Pink


Friends: Mermaid Princesses, Hippo, Kaito
Enemies: Gaito, Dark Lovers, Black Beauty Sisters

Production Information

Voice Actress: Naomi Wakabayashi
Position in the Series: Minor Character

Momo (ももちゃん Momo-chan) is a baby pink dolphin first seen in episode 5. Lucia, Hanon, Rina, and Kaito help Momo get back together with his mother. Ever since Momo is seen in the show as a helper of the mermaids sometimes serving as a messenger.

Voice Actor

Momo was voiced by Naomi Wakabayashi.


  • Momo means peach.
  • Momo is a Tibetan dumpling containing meat or vegetables


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