Nagisa Shirai
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Basic Information

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Physical Information

Height : 172cm or 175cm
Blood type : A
Weight: 139lbs

Personal Information


Love Interests: Hanon Hôshô

Production Information

Voice Actress: Chihiro Kusaka

Nagisa Shirai (白井 渚 Shirai Nagisa) is a young boy who has a crush on Hanon Hosho. He was the one who had recieved the music sheets that Taro had wrote for her and he had been wooing her since.



Nagisa and Hanon Singing

Nagisa met Hanon at the airport when Tarou left, Hanon dropped her music sheet that Tarou gave to her, and Nagisa picked it up in episode 3. Later he replied that if she goes out with him, he would give her back the music sheet. Later, she began to fall in love with him after he had been so kind to her. In the last episode of pure they sing together. 


Nagisa has dark blue bushy hair and blue eyes. For school he wears the required male uniform, consisting of a white shirt and blue pants. His usual outfit consists of a long sleeved striped shirt with a short sleeve shirt serving as a jacket and knee-length pants. In episode 17, he is seen wearing a tuxedo on a date with Hanon.


Nagisa is very childish, but nevertheless, is brave and likes to try new things to impress Hanon. Compared to Taro, Nagisa has no sort of talent, but he always tries his best to make Hanon laugh, which Hanon admired and eventually learned that it was love he was giving her.


Nagisa's Gallery: Nagisa Shirai/Gallery

Voice Actor

Nagisa was voiced by Chihiro Kusaka.


  • Nagisa is a freshman as mentioned in Episode 58.
  • Nagisa means the seashore.
  • Shirai means white well or shark-related.
  • His name is unisex, but more often for a female.
    • Nagisa is mostly used for females in Italy, so to avoid confusion of his gender, the Italian version called him by his last name "Shirai".
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