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Nikora (七海 にこら Nanami Nikora) is one of the main supporting character of Mermaid Melody. A very mature character, often can be seen mad to Lucia and others because of their careless behaviour. Although, at times she's also worried about Lucia's safety and well being. She acts as an older sister for Lucia. The episode that centers around her is episode 41.


Nikora is the manager of the Pearl Piari Hotel (Pearl Waters in the manga). She poses as Lucia's "sister" in order to tell her about her mission. She has a crush on Maki, the owner of a bar. In an episode of Mermaid Melody, Maki asks for her hand in marriage but she rejects it because she knows that Maki hasn't let go of his wife who passed away about ten years ago and she tells him that she'll wait until he lets go of his past.


Forms and Aspects

Human Form

In her human form, Nikora is usually seen in her hotel uniform, a tan shirt with a pinkish red collar, with matching skirt and shoes of the same color. She has dark purple hair that's tied into a spiky ponytail and blue eyes.

Mermaid Form

In her mermaid form, she looks the same except the bangs that hang down on both sides of her face are longer and her eye color changes to pale gray. She has a purplish-pink tail and clam-shell bra. She also wears a necklace around her neck. Unlike the mermaid princesses, she doesn't wear bracelets around her tail or on her arms. Her shell necklace is also simpler and without wings. From the color of her tail, it is possible that she came from Antartica although she accompanies Lucia in the North Pacific Ocean Kingdom.


Nikora is very straightfoward and very protective of Lucia. She is seen as strict and scary when she gets mad (by Seira), But she is shown to have a nice side and cares about her kingdom and gets worried about their enemies.


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  1. Likely 21 at the start of the series. In the manga, Nikora has her 13th birthday around the same time as Lucia meets Kaito, 8 years before the series begins