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Since Nikora is from the Antarctic Ocean Kingdom, she mostly wears purple clothing in her mermaid form. She doesn't have an idol form and wears a lot of different colors in her human form including white and yellow.

Mermaid Clothing


  • Line: Mermaid
  • Episode Worn: ???

Nikora wears this cute outfit when she is in her human form. Nikora's hair is tied in a messy bun with spiky hair ends. Her fringe is parted and two long hair pieces are left flowing. She wears a seashell bra which is a similar purple color to Caren's. It has mini purple beads on both sides and in the middle of the two bra cups. Her tail is the same purple shade with a lilac shade on the top of the tail. Nikora doesn't wear any pearl bracelets or upper arm bracelets, only her shell necklace.

Human Clothing

Work Uniform

  • Line: Work Uniform
  • Episode Worn: ???

Nikora reguarly works at the Pearl Piari Hotel so she needs a practical outfit that will help her with her job. Nikora's purple hair is tied in a messy bun with a parted fringe. Two pieces of hair locks are falling out of the bun on both sides. Nikora wears a lemon yellow colored shirt with small black buttons. The sleeves and collar are a light red shade. The top pocket is light red too. She wears a knee length red skirt that matches the color of the shirt sleeves. Sometimes, Nikora wears a pale white apron around her skirt with one big pocket. On her feet, she wears red practical shoes. For accessories, Nikora has on her shell necklace.


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