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The North Pacific Ocean Mermaids live in the North Pacific Ocean Palace. Their princess and ruler is Lucia. They only made an appearance in Episode 1 and Episode 13 of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


The Mermaids seem to care a lot about their princess, so they get a bit anxious when Lucia decides to leave them to go and search for Kaito, as seen in the first episode. They also line up in a perfect straight line when Hippo walks past, and this shows their respect towards him too.


The Mermaids have different colored eyes and hair and the rest of their outfit is pink. They are the only mermaids whose hair and eye color do not match their tail color. Some mermaids have more darker pink tails and others have more lighter pink ones. One with the flowing gray hair wears a blue silk belt around her waist.

List of Mermaids



The Mermaids have to communicate to Mermaids from other kingdoms. In order to do this, they have to use dolphins such as Momo.


Lucia's role is to make sure that every mermaid living in her kingdom is safe and to fulfill her duties.

Coral Spirits

Coral spirits protect their kingdoms,the only known coral spirit is shown in pichi episode 36.