Panthalassa Clan

General Information

Habitat: Underwater
Body: Humanoid

Panthalassa Clan (パンサラッサ一族 Pansarassa Ichizoku) were a very powerful species from the Panthalassa Kingdom that sought to conquer the sea in ancient times. Because of this, Aqua Regina killed them all and destroyed their kingdom to bring the peace in the sea. The only servivors were Kaito, Gaito and Mrs Amagi. Their name is from Greek Panthálassa (Πανθάλασσα), meaning "all seas."


All the Panthalassa must follow a leader, who tells them what to do. They were often doing evil things to the sea creatures and the sea itself, because their blind loyalty to their leader, didn't let them think clearly. 


They have a body very similar to the human one, but their powers and their habitat differentiates them from humans. Also an intressting fact is that all the known male Panthalassas have spiky hair.



Kaito using his Panthalassa Powers

Members of the Panthalassa clan can control the sea and its creatures, make waterdemons, control dark energy, resist at the mermaid princesses' songs etc. However if they use their powers for a long time they lose them as it happened to Gaito.

They also seem to possess the ability to control the light energy instead of the dark, if they are with the side of good, just like Kaito Domoto displayed the power of light during the fight with Gaito and Rihito Amagi during the battle with Mikeru.

Known Panthalassas

Former Panthalassas

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