These are the Rules Of the Mermaid Melody Wikia. 

Cyber Bullying

As It still goes on cyber bullying is apart of our youth today, if someone does an act of Cyber Bullying to you, please go to the admin: MermaidMelodyFanForever and the problem will be solved as soon as possible, if this does happen to someone else please contact me: SailorLuna22, We want the Mermaid Melody Wiki to be a place where people are comfortable.

No Trolling

No Trolling people on this wikia, (that includes the younger users too) even when they did something wrong, Trolling is a automatic block by the admin.

Don't make an account when your already blocked

When you are blocked don't make an account to get back on this wikia this is also known as Sockpuppetry.

Don't post anything with Graphic/Sexual Content

No Graphic or Sexual Content on the wikia, even when it involved something with Mermaid Melody, this wikia is for all ages, we will not allow this content if you see this please contact the admin and me, that's an automatic block.

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