Name: Sakiya
Age: 16
Species/Race: Human

Physical Information

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Grey

Personal Information

Hobby: Surfing
Talent: Surfing
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Type of Girls: Low Maintenance Girls


Friends: Kaito (frenemie)
Enemies: Kaito (frenemie), Maria
Love Interest: Lucia Nanami

Production Information

Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama
Position in the Series: Minor Antagonist

Sakiya is the western japanese surfing champion. He appears in the first season. He has a huge crush on Lucia Nanami, and appears to like to decide things without permission. He like Kaito Domoto, is also popular with the girls.



Sakiya made his anime debut in Episode 8


Sakiya is confident and over-conceited about himself. He had first appeared in the anime saying that he would win, only to lose badly because of Maria. He seems to have a nasty habit of deciding things without permission, like deciding that Lucia will kiss him or date him after he wins the competition without Lucia's agreement.


Sakiya has dirty blonde hair that sticks out of his bangs and dark grey eyes. He wears a yellow jacket with black outlines with long faded blue jeans. He wears an orange wetsuit and has a purple surfboard.


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  • Sakiya means cherry blossom growing.
  • Kousuke means inlet and clear, kind of indicating he's like an unstable rocket about to launch.
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