Sara is the oldest of the 8 mermaids. She is the princess of the Indian Ocean. She has three forms, her mermaid form, her human form and her idol form. 

Human Clothing

Basic Sara

Sara's Human Form

Sara wears a long white colored dress with a wide brown belt. Her accessories are a thin brown choker and small earrings. At the beginning of the series, her hair was a brownish black shade and when she got happier it converted back to orange.

Spirit form

Sara's spirit form is the same as her human form except that she is transparent and her body gives out an orange glow around her.

  • Sara as a spirit.

Mermaid Clothing

Mermaid Sara

Sara's Mermaid Form

Sara has a light orange seashell bra and a darker orange tail. Her jewelry is an even darker shade of orange. Around her neck she had the orange pearl necklace and her hair is carrot orange.

Super Idol Clothing

Super Idol Sara

Sara's SUper Idol Form

Super Idol Sara (Transforming)

Sara Transforming

Sara has a dark orange dress with yellow ruffles. A bright yellow bow is tied at the back (like the other mermaids) and she is wearing orange clogs with orange beads and yellow ruffles. Sara has yellow hair bands in her vibrant hair. She has orange and yellow gloves with the orange bracelet (that Aqua Regina gave to her) and another orange bracelet made of beads.
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