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Character Bio

Seira (星羅 Seira) is a supporting character in the second season of Mermaid Melody, succeeding the former Orange Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean Sara. Her name can be a reference to Sara's name. The episode that centers around her is episode 70.


Seira is Sara's successor and she was absorbed right after she was born, leading Lucia having to collect her fragments that are trapped within Mikeru's wings and teach her the wonderfulness of loving someone at the same time. In the series, Seira tries her best to help everyone despite being absorbed into Mikeru. She is always there to encourage the others, especially Lucia. Seira is a very strong mermaid princess. When Seira was absorbed into Mikeru, she still was able to protect the others at times when needed, but at episode 36, Seira could not escape from Mikeru's territory. When Mikeru absorbed her fully into his body, she appears to Mikeru as a spirit, and sings Birth of Love, trying to cheer Mikeru up. She comes to know that Mikeru's true self is a fossil, and feels sorry for him. She understands Mikeru and Mikaru's loneliness, and tries to save them, hoping her songs will reach them. She was the first to truly care about Mikeru. After Seira's fragments were collected and she was reborn, she did her very best to help Mikeru rest in peace.


Seira is a bubbly and happy girl. She is very nice to everyone, tries to be positive and wants to be like the rest of the mermaids when she grows up. She is also very creative.


Seira has amber hair and she is the shortest and youngest mermaid princess. She has an open brown eye colour.

Forms and Aspects

Seira has four forms which includes her Mermaid Form, Human Form, Idol Form and her Spirit Form.

Human Form

IMG 0032.png

In her Human Form, she appears the same as her Mermaid Form, only her bangs become less even, she is slightly taller and her skin becomes more pale in color.

Mermaid Form

Seira's mermaid form.

Seira's mermaid form is the same as every other mermaid princess except orange. She has a bracelet on her left upper arm, double pearl bracelet on her right wrist and also around her tail. Above her necklace she wears a thick orange choker.

Idol Form

IMG 7684.png

Her costume is a dark orange strapless dress with a along with an orange mini skirt with yellow ruffles and it also includes a yellow bow. The first layer of her gloves are the same color as her dress and the second layer is the same color of her bow. The first layer of her boots are a yellow-orange color and the second layer is like a golden yellow color with dark orange pearls around them.


Seira can transform into Orange Pearl Voice like Sara though Seira's and Sara's outfit are different.

In chapter 28, when Lucia, Hanon, and Rina were attacked by Michel, Seira opened the dream corridor to allow the mermaid princesses to escape. While doing this, Seira got caught by Michel so the dream corridor collapsed and began to close.

List of songs sung by Seira


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Seira transforms by saying "Orange Pearl Voice". Her transformation is around 10 seconds long.

Seira's Birthday

There is no defintive canon information about when Seira is born, and thus her birthday can only be guessed at. There are a few likely possibilities, however, and the consensus of the fandom is generally split between them.

  • Seira was originally intended to be born in Episode 59 and appears to have physically manifested at that time, before being absored by Mikeru. As the episode air dates generally correspond to the canonical date, and orange mermaids are known to be born on a Sunday, we can assume a date from this. The episode aired 15th May 2004, and the nearest Sundays to this were the 16th and 9th of May, with the former considered to be the more likely of the two dates.
  • Seira's eventual rebirth was in Episode 90, which occurs on or near Christmas Eve, meaning the 24th of December is also a possible date for her birth. This would not occur on a Sunday but could be explained as a result of exceptional circumstances, or possibly as it was not her true birth.
    • There are also fans who believe that Seira as an orange mermaid must be born on a Sunday, and ergo the nearest Sundays to this episode The 19th and 26th of December should be considered. This would however imply that the episode title is misleading.
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