Sirene / Сирене is the Serbian version of Mermaid Melody. The director of photography was Ivana Aleksandrović Ivee / Ивана Александровић Ајви and the translations were done by Slađana Dimitrijević / Слађана Димитријевић. In the second season, translations were done by Slobodan Aleksić / Слободан Алексић. The person in charge of the music was Željko Markuš / Жељко Маркуш. The company that produced it was Luxor. It was recorded in studio Loudworks. The show aired on "Ultra" and "Happy Kids" TV channels in Serbia and Montenegro and on "RTRS" in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Opening theme of this dub is "Koi wa Nandarou" with S1 background video for all the seasons. "Taiyō no Rakuen" was dubbed when it appeared in later episodes. Ending of S1 wasn't dubbed but "Daiji Na Takarabako" was dubbed when it appeared in later episodes. In S2 dubbers kept S1 background video but used dubbed version of "Splash Dream" as audio.

Voice Actors

Lucia (speaking) - Aleksandra Ristović / Александра Ристовић

Hanon (speaking), Seira (speaking), Momo - Jelena Đorđević / Јелена Ђорђевић

Rina (speaking), Lady Bat (speaking), Fuku - Andrijana Oliverić / Андријана Оливерић

Kaito Domoto - Milan Antonić / Милан Антонић

Coco (speaking) - Nataša Balog / Наташа Балог

Karen (speaking), Sheshe (speaking) - Aleksandra Mladenović / Александра Младеновић

Noel (speaking), Yuri (speaking and singing), Maria, Lanhua (speaking), Madame Taki - Jelena Stojiljković / Јелена Стојиљковић

Sara (speaking), Izuru, Mimi (speaking), Alala (speaking), Meru - Mariana Aranđelović / Мариана Аранђеловић

Hippo (speaking and singing), Eriru, Michal Amagi, Nikora - Ivana Aleksandrović Ivee / Ивана Александровић Ајви

Gaito, Taro Mitsuki, Maki - Mihailo Laptošević / Михаило Лаптошевић

Ishibashi, Makoto - Vladan Milić / Владан Милић

Michel (speaking & singing), Hippocampus, Masahiro Hamasaki, Rihito Amagi, The Great One - Marko Marković / Марко Марковић

Nagisa Shirai - Danijel Sič / Данијел Сич

Aqua Regina - Jelena Đorđević / Јелена Ђорђевић (Episode 1), Mariana Aranđelović / Мариана Аранђеловић (All the other episodes)

Singing Actors

All female songs except Michal and Yuri - Aleksandra Bijelić Aleksijević / Александра Бијелић Алексијевић

Star Jewel (Rina) - Marija Mihajlović / Марија Михајловић

All other songs are preformed by characters' speaking voices.


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