Hannon Castle

South Atlantic Ocean Castle

The South Atlantic Ocean Castle is the castle that Hanon and her servants live in. It only appears in Episode 5 and Episode 18 of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.


Hanon's Kingdom is located at the South Atlanic Ocean. The South Atlantic Castle was destroyed by Gaito and the Water Demons, but then rebuilt by the South Atlantic Ocean mermaids. Meru once looked for her mother in the castle's ruins.


The whole castle is extremely shiny for some reason. It is aqua with some shades of turquoise and cyan. The castle is very big and it has seven entrances for the mermaids to come in. It seems to have many floors for the mermaids to live and its roofs seem to shape possibly round.
  • The castle ruins.
  • Hanon's Castle inside
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