Name: Subaru
Age: 16-18
Species/Race: Human

Physical Appearance

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue-Aqua

Personal Information

Profession: Scientist
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Type of Girls: Low Maintance Girls


Enemies: Sheshe, Mimi
Love Interest: Karen

Production Information

Voice Actor: Yuki Matsuda
Position in the Series: Minor Character
First Appearance: Prayer Of The Seven Seas
Last Appearance: Prayer Of the Seven Seas

Subaru was seen in Mermaid Melody Pure episode 15. He has a crush on Karen, who has a crush on him too. Subaru went to Antarctica to solve on some "Glacier" problem. He was captured and hypnotised by Sheshe.


Subaru is a researcher of the British research group. He was investigating the unusual temperature increase in the South Pole and his goal was to protect the legendary glacier from melting. He was hypnotised by Sheshe to upgrade a machine that could produce heat to melt the ice of the South Pole. He eventually freed from her spell and left the Antarctica, because everything was getting normal again.


Subaru is a nice guy,he is shown to be a bit clumsy when he accidentally got his foot stuck through a hole in the ice.But he is shown to be kind and care about what's happening to the South Pole's glaciers.He is very nice to Karen and her friends.


Subaru has blonde hair with light blue coloured eyes. Since he is staying in the South Pole, he wears an orange coat with fur around it to keep himself warm. It is the only outfit he is shown wearing, He also wears boots.


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