Mermaid Melody Villains

The Mermaid Melody Villains

A villain (also known as antagonist, baddie or bad guy) is an "evil" character in any TV series, book or film. A villain usually is the antagonist, the character who tends to have a negative effect on other characters. A female villain is sometimes called a villainess (often to differentiate her from a male villain).

These are all the Villains of Mermaid Melody:

Main Villains/Antagonists

Gaito- The main villain of the first season and leader of the Dark Lovers. 

Mikeru- The main villain of the second season and leader of Mikeru's Servants.

The Great One- Father of Rihito and Michal. Leader of Mikeru.

Dark Lovers

The first villains to be in the series are The Dark Lovers:

Yuri- She plays piano which makes humans become zombie-like or cause headaches for them.

Maria- She manipulates ice and snow, and can create large ice storms with a certain book.

Izuru- She can make water dragons and has the power to control waves and marine beasts.

Eriru- She has control over water, spins and becomes evil and more powerful than normal.

Black Beauty Sisters

There is also a group named Black Beauty Sisters:

(Sister) Sheshe- The older and the most powerful sister of the group.

(Sister) Mimi- The younger sister of the group.

Mikeru's Servants

There is a group named Mikeru's Servants:

Fuku- Mikeru's messenger.

Lady Bat- He can sing a song that can hypnotise people, and can make mermaids forget about their loves and the humans.

Lanhua- She can split herself into a dozen of smaller versions of herself to sing a song that makes people dance until they die.

Alala- She can control fire, sing a song that paralyzes people, and sing a song to make males fall in love with her.

Former Villains

Sara- The former Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean. 

Mikaru- She formerly loved Kaito and kept him away from Lucia.

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